Tutorials and Resources

The best way to help students progress in Twine is to direct them to some of the fantastic resources available online. There would never be enough time to teach everything that Twine can do, and resources such as these allow students to pursue whichever aspects of Twine they want to include in their games.

The resources here mostly concern version 1.4. Although version 2.0 is now available as well, most of the tips from version 1.4 are still applicable and useful for learning Twine in either version. For an explanation of the differences between the two versions, check out the Twine Wiki or creator Chris Klimas’s short video introduction.

Beginner tutorials
• Anna Anthropy’s “How to Make Games with Twine”
Twine Cheat Sheet
Twine Wiki
• Learning Twine by Dan Cox, parts 1, 2, and 3

These forums are quite active and can be a great place to reach out to other designers for help.
• Twine forums
Twine Google group

Basic Twine stylesheet introduction
Glorious Trainwrecks – 13 stylesheets (for v 1.4) from Leon Arnott

Built-in macros
• Collection of free macros to extend the functionality of Twine

Video tutorials
Dan Cox’s video series on Twine covers both versions 1.4 and 2.
“Intro to Twine 2.0” by VegetarianZombie

Free online hosting
• Philome.la – With a Twitter account and your exported Twine file, philome.la will host your game for free.
Textadventures.co.uk – Requires a free login to host site